Our personal favourite of the local beaches is Pantanagianni, more or less
deserted outside high season - but why not try them all, there are many within
a few minutes' drive or cycle ride of our villa: (Click to enlarge these pictures.)

                       Specchiolla in June 

                       Beach at Torre Santa Sabina

                      The port at Torre Santa Sabina, Carovigno

                     A stormy autumn day at Bosco Verde

                      Pantanagianni (in June)

There are also lovely walks along these beaches, and especially along the coast
to Torre Guaceto with its nature and marine reserve. There is a sign post here,
with hand-made arrows pointing the directions to Turkey, Greece, Albania,
Croatia, Kosova etc.!

                    Torre Guaceto

And these are just of few of the beaches within 20 minutes' drive. If you want to go a little further, you can also reach some of the best beaches on the Ionian Coast
within about an hour's drive, such as these near Pulsano (home of one of the large water parks).

                   Pulsano, Ionian Coast, Hallowe'en